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We won’t leave you burning! To ensure a gentle toilet visit, use our Bye Burn Peribottle. Designed to effectively remove the burning feeling with that perfect 75° angle to make sure you hit that spot! Our bottle has a continuous water stream flowing out of 14 spray holes which feels like a gentle touch. Ditch the ineffective hospital bottle if they even give you one. Try combining this with our Cool Coochie Cou Maxi Pads for instant relief, a true postpartum pick-me-up. 

This set consists of 2 Bye Burn Peribottles - One for you, and one for your pregnant bestie! 

Some highlights of the Bye Burn Peribottle, 

  • Hits the right spot! - Our Bye Burn Peribottle is designed with a 75 degree angle to make sure you effectively remove the burning feeling and hit that spot!
  • Gentle stream of water - The continuous water stream of our Bye Burn Peribottle flows out of 14 mini nozzles to ensure it feels extra soft and gentle for your delicate area.
  • Lasts a whole toilet visit! – The Bye Burn Peribottle can contain 500 ml of lukewarm water, which will make sure it lasts a whole toilet visit. Other peribottles often contain up to 350 ml, which leaves you with an empty bottle mid-pee.
  • Easy to disinfect! – The Bye Burn Peribottle is easy to disinfect as it is made from safe PP material, you can steam, cook, or use UV-disinfection methods.
  • Leak proof – The Bye Burn Peribottle is leak-proof which makes sure you can count on the full content to support your toilet visit!

Learn more about the usage and working of the Bye Burn Peribottle below!

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Why is this an essential for your postpartum couchie?

Tearing during childbirth is common. Regardless of the degree of tearing, the perineal area can be sensitive and sore postpartum, making it uncomfortable for the new mother to go for toilet visits. The Bye Burn Peribottle is an essential postpartum tool as it helps provide relief and comfort during the healing process and toilet visits, making it a must-have item for every new mother's postpartum care kit.

How does it really work?

This product reduces the burning feeling when peeing after giving birth by spraying lukewarm water gently on your stitches. This dilutes the liquid touching your stitches which reduces the burning feeling.

Hospitals or caregivers often do not offer an effective solution. Therefore, we recommend that you order these well before your due date.

What is the recommended use?

We recommend that you disinfect this product before you pack this in your hospital bag. Please disinfect the product by soaking it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Ensemble the product by attaching the retractable nozzle and extending it until it locks.

You can use the gifted bag to store your Bye Burn Peribottle and pack it in your hospital bag.

Stepwise plan for every use:

1 - Fill the bottle with lukewarm water. We designed the bottle to include 500 ml water to make sure it lasts a whole toilet visit and you won’t be burning mid-pee.
2 - Use the bottle from the front.

Mom-hack: this bottle makes the excellent water spray for those big diaper blow-outs of your little one.

What are the care and safety guidelines?

Do not flush by sticking the nozzle into the body.
Recommended water temperature never exceeding 42°C.
Disinfect the nozzle regularly by soaking it in boiling water for 2-3 mins.

What is the expected delivery date?

Our packages are shipped by PostNL and often take 1-2 business days to arrive within NL. Shipping to other EU countries is expected to take 2-3 business days. Orders placed on business days before 11.00h are shipped the same day!

We offer free shipping on orders over 40 euros in the Netherlands and Belgium!

  • ★★★★★

    What a relief this was, especially the peribottle. I immediately recommended it to all my pregnant friends and the girls from the prenatal class. Because this is truly indispensable after your delivery!! True relief! The design is just beautiful as well.

    Xaira F.,, 12 September 2023, The Netherlands

  • ★★★★★

    I have used this for every toilet visit during my first postpartum week. Highly recommend this!

    Laura B., 10 October 2023, The Netherlands

  • ★★★★★

    I really recommend everyone to have this at home after childbirth. My maternity nurse and midwife also found the products fantastic!

    Laura C., 4 October 2023, The Netherlands

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Simple interventions that can decrease the discomfort associated with perineal trauma is cleansing the perineum with a squeeze bottle. The current study concluded that, women who received and practice self perineal care instructions on episiotomy pain and wound healing during postpartum period have, lower the level of postpartum episiotomy pain scores, decrease pain related to perineal episiotomy which interfere with women’s daily activities postpartum, such as walking, sitting, urination and defecation, and better wound healing progress. On the light of the study findings it is recommended that self perineal pain instruction can be introduced to the women antenatal and then it can be used postnatal.

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