Welcome to The Cool Couchie Club, our self care for down-there brand. We are a team of passionate academically educated moms who are committed to providing moms-to-be with the support and comfort they need in their initial postpartum period, both mentally and physically.

While we were pregnant, we spent a lot of time preparing for our babies: What should his schedule be like? What new things will he learn every week? How will I lose weight asap? (haha). After we gave birth, we were completely neglecting ourselves and wished we had prepared for postpartum recovery. Why did nobody tell us that it could be this hard?! We felt like we were in an emotional rollercoaster due to the hormonal imbalance after labour.  We see many (first time) moms falling into this trap of romanticizing becoming a mother and not preparing well enough for your (physical and mental) recovery.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective self care for down-there to ease the postpartum period, both mentally and physically.

Our products are designed and proven by science to achieve the highest impact for our birthing goddesses and providing them with the oh-so-required comfort.

Thank you for considering our brand. We look forward to helping you get the comfort you deserve during this special time in your life.